Get Event Details on the go

Mobile App

The free Eventene mobile app provides event participants with an easy way to view event details, RSVP to events, contact the organizers, get directions, and much more. Each participant receives individualized details in the app, showing where they need to go and what they need to do at each stage of the event.

The mobile app serves as a companion to the Eventene event planning system; augmenting and enhancing the features of the web app during the event itself. As soon as an organizer invites participants to specific events, those same events appear on each participant's copy of the Eventene mobile app.

Let's say you're organizing a backpacking trip to Idaho that involves multiple legs, complex driving directions, and dozens of attendees. Using the Eventene mobile app, you provide each of your attendees the complete event itinerary, detailed notes and trip documents, contact details for all the attendees, trip assignments, and single-click navigation directly to the trailhead. Use the app also to check the hikers in at various stages, to ensure no one is left behind.

Key Features

With the Eventene mobile app, event participants can get all the essential event information as well as respond to questions, communicate with organizers, and much more.

Here are a few key features included in the Eventene mobile app:

• Event Details: Date, Time, Location, Directions, Itinerary/Schedule
• Assignments: Individualized roles for each participant
• Attendance: Set event attendance and RSVP for specific activities
• Questions: Answer any questions related to the event
• Attendees: View details for all attendees
• Check In / Out: Record the check in / out status for any participant
• Calendar: View any event from one place
• Contact Details: See participant and organizer contact information