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The latest news on Eventene.

Version 1.6 Released

Version 1.6 focuses on Rich-text Editing for event descriptions and email messages. There're a lot of great features included in this update,like the ability to incorporate images, video, tables, and links.

Other recent versions contained useful features, as well. Version 1.5 included Usability Improvements to the user experience for Event participants when they  filling out the Web Response Forms. Version 1.4 introduced Multi-Item Editing enabling users to edit values across multiple items (rows) at once.

Version 1.3 introduced Segmented Lists, allowing users to create dynamic rules-based subset lists from larger Master Lists. Let's say a user builds a roster List of 250 people in their organization. They could segment that List using a rule like Member = Yes. If the user later updated someone's phone number, the change would be reflected in the Master List and immediately in all the Segmented Lists, since the data is linked, not copied.

Version 2.0 COMING SOON

With Version 1.3 out the door, we are hard at work building Version 2.0, which will release in late summer / early Fall. This release will introduce significant changes to the design of Eventene, as well as a plethora of new features. Here's a sneak preview of what's coming:

  • A completely redesigned layout with improvements to every area of Eventene.
  • New charts and reports that make it easier than ever to view and track responses.
  • Tags and categories for efficient organization of events and lists.