Eventene was founded to make event plannners' lives easier
Our Mission

Our mission is to provide powerful and flexible software that streamlines the process of organizing and running group events.

Our Vision

Organizing events should be easier, less time consuming, and not require advanced spreadsheet skills.

Built for Scale

Eventene was designed to scale, not only to handle tens of thousands of event planners simultaneously, but also to handle events with thousands of people.

Our Story

While volunteering for his son’s local Boy Scout troop, founder David Wood spent dozens of hours planning monthly campouts for scouts and chaperones. He knew there had to be a more efficient way to complete all these organizational tasks and streamline the process. David founded Eventene in 2016 to tackle this challenge not just for his son’s Boy Scout troop, but for all event planners.

David’s vision—a unified event management application—soon took shape as Eventene. Now Eventene is available to everyone so you can put aside the hassle of planning events and start enjoying them.


What problem are you solving?

Organizing events requires far too much time and effort. Event Planners have better things to do with their time than toil away performing the thankless tasks of moving data between spreadsheets, emails, surveys, and databases.

With Eventene, all of these tools (spreadsheets, emails, surveys, etc.) are contained within a single system which makes organizing events much easier.


There are how many combinations?

To put a typical event planning problem into perspective, consider trying to coordinate rides for a school field trip involving 30 students and 8 volunteer drivers. There are over 50 thousand possible arrangements of the students into the cars. Raise that number to 100 students and 20 cars, and there are over 20 million possible combinations.

Eventene makes finding the ideal combination easy by offering robust auto-assign tools and sophisticated survey capabilities.


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