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The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Event Planning

Read the ultimate guide to corporate event planning. Learn how to become a top corporate event planner with our best tips, tricks, and ideas.

Event Planning Apps Guide

All-in-one Event Planning systems provide all the major functions needed to plan and execute successful events. Read through our list of top specialty and all-in-one systems.

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5 Best Ways to Promote Your Event

It’s an age old philosophical question: if an event starts and no one’s around to attend, does it really happen? You don’t need to drop thousands of dollars on a campaign or activation with the #1 Youtuber in your space. There are plenty of low to mid-tier influencers with sizable audiences with whom you can partner.

Why Should You Use an All-In-One Event Planning App?

Most event planning apps simply tackle one piece of the puzzle. They help with surveys, RSVPs, tracking, etc. but you’re forced to combine multiple apps and transfer data between systems. With all-in-one event planning apps this major disadvantage is gone.

A Better Thanksgiving with Event Tech

When it comes to the minefield of family holidays, it is actually possible to plan and prepare. Let’s look at the essential steps to planning a successful Turkey Day. Consider using an event planning app to improve your Thanksgiving experience.

Best Event Planning Conferences 2020

There are so many high-quality event planning conferences now, it is hard to know which ones can be most impactful for your brand or career. Here is Eventene’s list of the absolute best event planning conferences coming up next year in 2020.

Planning Events with Kids

Whether you’re running a youth soccer team or planning events for your kid’s elementary school class, there’s is a lot to consider when organizing events for kids. So here are the top five things you’ll need to consider when planning events with kids and how event technology / software can address these needs.

What makes Eventene different?

Eventene is taking on challenges that haven’t yet been solved in the event tech space. From attendance-based payments and surveys to sophisticated list segmentation to automated guest association and assignment, we are working to not only provide a complete event planning solution, but also to expand what event planning apps are capable of.

Top 5 Upcoming Event Tech Trends

Now, more and more organizers are adopting specialized apps and technologies as ways to optimize the planning process and improve the participant experience at events. But it’s hard to know what exactly the future will hold. The future is bright for event tech and here are the trends that will absolutely factor into the industry’s imminent development.

What kinds of events can event apps plan?

With so many options for event apps in the market, it’s easy for option paralysis to set in. You might wonder if any of the available solutions will work for your particular needs. After looking at a huge number of event apps, here are the best examples of events that can benefit from using specialized tech.

How To: Plan Boy and Girl Scout Trips

A well planned scouting trip can be an incredibly rewarding experience for everyone involved. Whether you’re heading off to the nearest campsite or venturing deep into the woods, the following tips and tricks will guarantee a well-organized and stress-free trip.

How to Arrange Tables and Seating for an Event

Whether it be for a wedding, a birthday, or a corporate gathering, arranging and organizing seating and table arrangements is a key step to keep any event running smoothly. The Following will guide will help you develop a stress-free and impeccable organized seating arrangement method.

5 Tips for Planning a Better Corporate Event

Planning a Small, medium, or Large Scale corporate event can be extremely daunting. Remembering these 5 Tips will set you off towards planning a stronger and more organized corporate event.

Maintaining a Single Roster w/ Eventene

Organizations that host many events during the year can benefit by maintaining a single Roster group of participants, to avoid duplicating data.