Eventene provides powerful event management software at affordable subscription rates.

Eventene Subscriptions

Select one of our subscription plans to organize all your events throughout the year. All plans include an annual subscription for unlimited events, unlimited registrations, and abundant admin accounts. We understand that learning a new software system is not very high on anyone's list, which is why we also include dedicated onboarding support, where we assist your team with importing your contact lists, configuring your first few events, and generally helping ensure you have a successful experience with Eventene.

billed annually
  • Unlimited Events

  • Unlimited Registrations

  • Event Mobile App 1

  • 1,250 Attendees / event

  • 10 Admins

  • Virtual Events 2

  • Payment Processing 5

  • Onboarding (3 hrs) 6

  • Email / Phone Support

billed annually
  • Unlimited Events

  • Unlimited Registrations

  • Event Mobile App 1

  • 2,500 Attendees / event

  • 20 Admins

  • Virtual Events 2

  • Advanced Features 3

  • Payment Processing 5

  • Onboarding (6 hrs) 6

  • Email / Phone Support

billed annually
  • Unlimited Events

  • Unlimited Registrations

  • Event Mobile App 1

  • Unlimited Attendees

  • Unlimited Admins

  • Virtual Events 2

  • Advanced Features 3

  • White Labeling 4

  • Payment Processing 5

  • Onboarding (9 hrs) 6

  • + Account Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eventene?

Eventene is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) event management and registration software. It's a modern and powerful solution, yet surprisingly affordable. Eventene supports a wide variety of event types, from evening dinner banquets, company offsites and multi-day conferences and tradeshows.

All the core elements for planning and executing events are covered, including:

  • Registration and ticketing - simple or complex registration forms with optional payment processing
  • Event websites - permanent event site with multiple tabs of information and a click to register button
  • Event contact management – managing guest lists with dynamic list segmentation
  • Email communications – invitations, updates, notifications, reminders
  • Track responses – attendance, payment status, surveys, assignments
  • Seating charts – assign guests to tables, teams, rooms, and other custom places
  • Event mobile app - day-of-event execution for detailed event agenda, info and check-ins
  • Reporting - create detailed reports for single events or across events
Who is Eventene for?

Eventene appeals to part-time and full-time event organizers across a wide variety of industries.

  • Associations - conferences, tradeshows, fundraisers, community events
  • SMB organizations - offsites, tradeshow participation, product launches, holiday parties
  • Event Agencies - corporate events, city tours, weddings, social events
  • Education (K-12 and colleges) – fundraisers, day trips, overnight trips, sporting events, theater
  • Youth organizations - weekly activity sign-ups, fundraisers, trips, campouts, social events
  • Private Clubs - membership management, activity sign-ups, social events

Within these organizations, the following staff are typical users of Eventene.

  • Occasional event organizers – staff members tasked with organizing occasional events, such as day trips, fundraisers, offsites, product launches, or holiday parties. Eventene helps them work more efficiently with fewer staff required.
  • Event Directors - professional planners who focus their full-time energy on organizing events for organizations, associations, and corporations. Eventene helps them organize larger events more efficiently, such as conferences, seminars, and tradeshows, and reduces the need for hiring additional event staff.
What is indoor mapping and navigation?

You can add indoor mapping and navigation for your event venues and large indoor spaces. Guests can find it overwhelming to find their way around a large event, especially for new attendees or staff who are unfamiliar with the venues. Our indoor mapping features helps organizations create an enhanced and stress-free event experience for everyone. Besides enhancing the guest experience, providing easier discovery and navigation to sponsors and exhibitors can unlock potential revenue streams for event organizers.

Any large venue, including but not limited to convention halls, airports, shopping centers, office buildings, sports stadiums, hospitals, and universities can leverage the indoor mapping and navigation capabilities. For events that feature sponsors or exhibitors, dynamic mapping options can also lead to an increase in sponsorship monetization since guests will find it easier to find the sponsors and their products, and also have the option of ‘Find Nearest.’

What kind of events can Eventene handle?

Eventene handles a wide variety of event types from simple webinars to multi-day conferences. The platform is extremely customizable to adapt to customer specific event types.

  • Corporate events - meetings, offsites, training, product launches
  • Conferences - single or multi-day conferences with agenda, speaker, sponsor, and exhibitor management
  • Seminars - half or full day symposiums and seminars
  • Associations – fundraising and other community events
  • Social events – tour groups, reunions, parties, weddings
  • Sports organizations – activity sign-ups for tennis, golf, volleyball, soccer, and others
  • Youth organizations – campouts, field trips, after school programs
  • Virtual events – webinars, online conferences, and hybrid events
Who are typical users of Eventene?

Let’s take a look at a few representative user personas of Eventene.

  • Katrina – works for a mid-size company as a marketing associate. Katrina is regularly asked to organize company offsites and the annual holiday party. She’s most comfortable reaching for Excel and email to organize these events, but now uses Eventene to work much more efficiently and committing fewer data errors due to manual entry.
  • Michael – works for a global corporation as a product manager and organizes product launches and customer-facing seminars and webinars. In the past, he used a variety of single-purpose apps like Eventbrite for registration and ticketing, MailChimp for communications, and various event mobile apps, but synchronizing the data between these solutions was always challenging. Eventene allowed Michael to develop a unified workflow using a single database, where the data flows smoothly between registration, logistics planning, and the event mobile app.
  • Rachael – works for a large non-profit association and has extensive experience with the legacy event management systems like Cvent, but also several others. While highly capable, she feels captive to their multi-year contacts and per-event, per registration pricing that cause her event budgets to soar. Since discovering Eventene, she enjoys a more modern and customizable platform, while cutting her annual spending by 60%.
How does Eventene protect customer data?

Eventene hosts its customer data on Amazon RDS, a secure cloud-based relational database service. Physical RDS facilities utilize a number of security layers as follows:

  • Perimeter Layer – security guards, fencing, security feeds, instruction detection
  • Infrastructure Layer – backup power, HVAC systems, fire suppression
  • Data Layer – restricted access controls, threat detection
  • Environmental Layer – data centers are chosen to mitigate risks due to flooding, extreme weather, and seismic activity

All data stored on Amazon RDS is encrypted at rest, as are its automated backups, read replicas, and snapshots. Amazon RDS encryption uses the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm. Additionally, the RDS service runs within an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with network-level isolation protection. All communications between Eventene application software and its database are encrypted using SSL/TLS for over the wire encryption across the Internet.

AWS maintains a broad IT compliance and certification program across all of its services to maintain security and compliance in the cloud. For more information, refer to AWS Compliance Programs and AWS Services in Scope by Compliance Program, which describe SOC, PCI, GDPR, and many other certifications.

How is Eventene different?

Eventene offers comprehensive event management services at an affordable cost—a rare combination. Our pricing model includes unlimited events and registrations throughout your subscription period, a rich feature set, and rates that are 20 to 60% less than legacy product offerings.

Besides our cost-effective pricing, our system offers a modern reactive web and mobile design, an easy-to-use user interface and experience (UI/UX), simple or complex event registrations, secure payment collections via Stripe, advanced contact management, integrated seating charts and assignments, a mobile apps for attendees and event staff (not matter how small the event), and options to add interactive indoor mapping and navigation.

What kind of support does Eventene provide?

Eventene’s ranks among the highest in the event management software vendors, with 99% approval rating.

New customers receive onboarding support, including help setting up the organization's user accounts, setting up customer fields for additional contact profile data, importing contacts from other systems, and most importantly, assistance with setting up their first few events, which serve as templates for future instances of those events.