Platform Overview

Eventene provides an all-in-one Event Management System with event websites, invitations, registrations, ticketing, donations, surveys, communications, assignments, and native event mobile apps.

Organize all your Events

Eventene supports a wide variety of event types and sizes so that you can use a single system for organizing all your small, medium, and large events throughout the year.
Sales MeetingsSales Meetings
Sales Meetings

Plan local, regional, or global sales meetings, from 20 to 2,000 attendees.


Organize single or multi-day retreats and easily distribute the details.


Organize internal or customer-facing training sessions as seminars or webinars.


Plan and manage in-person or virtual conferences around the world.


Organize events that benefit your surrounding community and their associations.


Promote and organize fundraisers of all sizes to benefit your organization.


Organize reunions for schools and other organizations.


Organize the annual holiday party or any other major social event.


Weddings can become quite complex to plan, but Eventene can help you organize all the details.


Organize in-person or virtual live streaming concerts.

Live StreamingLive Streaming
Live Streaming

Sell tickets to live stream events and control access to the video players.


Organize and sell tickets to arts performances.

Tour GroupsTour Groups
Tour Groups

Organize sign-ups for school field trips.

Sports ProgramsSports Programs
Sports Programs

Manage daily, weekly, or monthly sign-ups for sports programs


Manage all the details of large group trips, such as campouts and other outings.

Manage all your Event Phases

Every event consists of the same set of general phases, from planning, registration, and logistics, to execution and follow up. Eventene guides you each step of the way.


  • Websites
  • Sharing
  • Promotion


  • Invitations
  • Surveys
  • Payments
  • Tracking


  • Speakers
  • Sponsors
  • Exhibitors
  • Assignments

In-person Event

  • Check-ins
  • Mobile app
  • Indoor navigation

Virtual Event

  • Sessions
  • Rooms
  • Lounges
  • Networking

Post Event

  • Surveys
  • Reports
  • Community

Feature Categories

Eventene provides a wide variety of features and customization options to meet your specific organization's needs for planning its events throughout the year.

Centralized Management

  • Organize all your events throughout the year using a single system

  • Plan small, medium and large events alike using the same system and event mobile app

  • Create new events using any of your previous events as an event template

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Event Registrations

  • Create simple or complex registration forms that highlight your organization's branding

  • Support for free or paid events, ticketing, and guest registrations

  • Set attendance limits with waitlists and countdown timers to enforce payments

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Contact Management

  • Manage all your contacts as named group lists and use them repeatedly across your events

  • Segment your primary contacts lists into dynamically updated named groups

  • Add an unlimited set of custom fields to add additional profile information

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Event Websites

  • Every event gets its own permanent website that you can share everywhere

  • Highlight your brand's logo, images, colors, descriptions, and private domain

  • Enrich your event's website with general info, agenda, maps, sponsors, speakers, and more

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  • Build your agenda with activities or sessions, each with full customization

  • Associate subset lists of guests to any activity to limit attendance and visibility

  • Limit attendance and enable automatic waitlists for any single activity or session

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Speakers & Sponsors

  • Manage larger lists of speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors with a CMS

  • Fully customizable layouts to highlight your organizations branding and methods

  • Include links to websites, social media, video clips, and promotional documents

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Virtual Attendees

  • Invite virtual attendees to your in-person events via video and live streaming services

  • Host events with all virtual attendees or together with in-person guests (hybrid events)

  • For online conferences and tradeshows, utilize our fully virtual event environment (add-on)

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Indoor Mapping

  • Provide interactive mapping options for your guests at your larger venues (add-on)

  • Enable your guests to navigate indoors with walking directions (wayfinding)

  • Optional 3D renderings and wearable event tech for valuable location-based insights

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Surveys & Payments

  • Add custom questions to your registration forms with 12 question types

  • Accept payments or donations during registration linked to specific activities

  • Capture survey responses to guests permanent profiles for future events

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  • Built-in emailing system for sending invitations, confirmations, and general updates

  • Easily send emails to everyone in the event, or to any targeted subset based upon criteria

  • No need to purchase or utilize a separate emailing service

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Event Mobile App

  • Native mobile app for the attendees for all event related info (free or iOS or Android)

  • Event staff can check-in guests by name or QR code, plus view the attendee directory

  • Promote networking be enabling guests to view and communicate with other attendees

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Seating Charts

  • Pre-assign attendees into specific table assignment

  • Option to publish seat assignments to let guests see who they will be sitting with

  • Remind guests of their table assignments during check-ins

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  • Assign attendees into arbitrary groups, teams, and breakout rooms for individual activities

  • Organize transportation shuttles, carpools, lodging rooms, and other travel arrangements

  • Send guests their assignments prior to the event so they know where to go

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Reporting & Analytics

  • Create and export detailed reports for every event and activity within your event

  • Track attendance and survey responses and gain analytical insights from the data

  • Cross event reporting for analyzing attendee attendance and payment histories

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  • Secure payment processing through our partnership with Stripe

  • Use your existing Zoom (or similar) video accounts to add virtual element to any event

  • Data integrations with popular operational management systems

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  • Onboarding assistance with important contacts, and setting up your first events.

  • Training sessions for your events team and staff, plus email and phone support

  • Online Help Center for self-service articles and video tutorials, accessible 24/7

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Eventene Runs on All your Devices

Eventene runs as a web app for the event organizers and automatically scales up or down to optimize your experience on any screen size. Use a large monitor during your planning phases and a tablet or phone on the go and during your event.

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