Virtual Events

The global pandemic may have postponed in-person Events for the foreseeable future. Use Eventene to quickly adapt and host Virtual Events.
Virtual Events

Manage the Entire Event

Virtual Events present new challenges in Event registration and Participant attendance and engagement. Rather than relying on dozens of individual meeting requests from various video conferencing apps, Eventene manages the entire Event with many separate activities.

Eventene provides the organizational wrapper around all the activities, where each one may have its own attendee list, survey questions, payment options, and links to separate video conference calls or live streaming media.

Virtual Events share a a few advantages over In-Person Events

  • Easier for Attendees to Join Events

  • No venue, transportation, lodging or catering expenses

  • Event Execution / Follow Up

Virtual Events

Get Everyone on the Same Page

Keep all your attendees synchronized with the same schedule and same set of links to launch video conference calls, streaming video feeds, and other remote team software.

Manage subgroups of attendees attending separate activities, but all within the same overall Event. Each activity can have its own unique link to Join Call or Watch Video.

Virtual Events

One App for the Day's Activities

Every Event can take advantage of the Eventene Mobile App, where your participants can confirm their attendance, respond to Event questions, and join each Video Call with a single click. No more hunting through emails to find the video links.

The native app also provides easy access to the full Event agenda,  reference materials, PDF files, an attendee directory with contact info, and navigation links to different venues using the device's mapping software.

The Eventene Mobile App is available for free in both iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets.

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