Indoor Mapping

Create amazing indoor map solutions with wayfinding to enable your guests to quickly find their way around.

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Find your way around

Help your guests find their way around your larger venues by providing them practical assistance and unforgettable experiences.

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Exterior to Interior Mapping
Your guests can navigate to your venue using normal Google Maps, then seamlessly transition into your venue using your internally mapped space.
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Fully Customizable CMS
Add non-permanent structures throughout the building, as well as detail to exterior parking lots, walkways, and water features.
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Add Wayfinding (aka Internal Navigation)
Add the optional wayfinding capability for searching rooms, dining areas, restrooms, and other points of interest, then receiving walking directions.
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Dynamic Map Content

Create a unique experience for your guests, where they can discover points of interest and find their way between locations and rooms. Ideal for large event venues with 100 or more guests.

Getting Around
Make it easier for your guests to find their way around the spaces, between buildings, and even off-site.
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Discover Points of Interest
Show the nearest restrooms, coffee carts, ATM machines, water fountains, and other unique points of interest.
Find Sponsors and Exhibitors
Guide your guests to visit the sponsors and exhibitors they are interested in.

Bring Your Spaces to Life


How Indoor Mapping Works

Unique customer solutions start with the venue's floor plan, then constructing the indoor routing pathways and networks. Finally, static and dynamic points of interest are layered via a content management system (CMS) for easy updates and maintenance of the maps.

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Enhance your attendee experience

Dynamic indoor mapping and navigation features are offered as add-on services to our annual subscription plans. Contact us to arrange a demo and for pricing details.
Setup Fees
One time setup fee to configure the interactive mapping account.
Basic Venues
Billed per venue, per year
  • Up to 100K sq-ft mapped indoor space

  • Basic interior representations ¹

  • Basic exterior representations ²

  • -

  • CMS updates

  • 1 update to map structure

Advanced Venues
Billed per venue, per year
  • Up to 250K sq-ft mapped indoor space

  • Detailed interior representations ¹

  • Detailed exterior representations ²

  • Wayfinding navigation ³

  • CMS updates

  • 4 updates to map structure


Additional Options

Billed per venue per year

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    Additional Square Feet

    Add more square feet to your Basic or Advanced Venues if you need more than the initial allocation.

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    Indoor Views

    Render interior spaces in 3D with interactive panorama views, just like Google Maps Street View.

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    Custom Overlays

    Add custom real time data feeds to enhance your particular events in the Eventene mobile app