Mobile Event App

Event Apps are no longer just for tradeshows and conferences. The Eventene Mobile App enhances the experience for all your Participants, whether the Event is public, invite-only, in-person or virtual.

Synchronize the Agenda

Build a single master Agenda so you see the big picture. Each participant will only see the Activities to which they are invited. Private VIP side events are a breeze to organize and keep private.
Events Calendar

View and select any upcoming Events from a Calendar page.


Show the agenda of Event Activities in convenient list view that the participants can click on for further details.

Register / RSVP

Respond to any Event registration or RSVP directly in the Mobile App, including questions and payments.

Attendees Directory

Organizer can choose to make the Attendee list public or private, providing a directory for the participants.

Native Mobile App

Events in Your Pocket

Attendees see a customized view of the Event with only the Activities they are invited to. The Mobile App makes it easy for your participants to RSVP with their attendance, answer questions, make payments, read reference materials, navigate between venues, view the Attendees directory (with contact info) and their personal Assignments, such as tables, carpools, rooms and other groups.

Manage Your Events on Any Device

From Desktops to Mobile Devices

Create, manage and track all elements of your Event on any or your devices. Our browser-based apps utilize reactive design elements that adjust automatically from tiny mobile screens to 5K desktop displays.


Events are highly customizable, yet easy to achieve professional looking results with minimal effort.