Youth Organizations

Organize outings, field trips, summer camps, as well as daily, weekly, and monthly activities. Eventene covers planning, sign ups, payments, logistics, and reporting, all in a single system. Use our mobile app to check kids in and out of activities for safety.
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Event Types
Youth Group Activities
  • Organize daily or weekly youth activities

  • Maintain accurate attendance records

  • Collect attendance fees per attendance or sell discounted bundles

Field Trips
  • Organize regular field trips and easily repeat them each year

  • Confirm attendance with online registrations and collect any fees

  • Confirm all kids are accounted for at all times with the check-in app

Summer Camps
  • Manage hundreds of visitors each summer at your camps

  • Organize campers into teams and groups throughout the week

  • Collect payments at the time of registration, all self-service

Winter Trips
  • Plan all the details for your annual ski or snowboard trip

  • Collect payments for all or portions of the trip

  • Assign guests into individual rooms with separate wi-fi codes

  • Plan monthly or quarterly campouts with hundreds of attendees

  • Arrange passengers into carpools using our assignment features

  • Provide all the chapperones with a mobile app to stay in close contact

Photo of William Corneli


Eventene organizes all of our event variables (event planning, information distribution, event attendance, and payments) into one app, and the mobile app gives access to it all during our events. When I get the inevitable question about event details, I first ask, "Did you check Eventene? It's all there in the app.


William Corneli
Senior Project Manager
Photo of Emma Connolly


The application knows no limits! Whatever it is that you wish to organise, Eventene is the one for you. We use Eventene to plan and organise events, sports camps, webinars and it is also the portal we use for our annual Membership registration ensuring a streamlined and efficient process.


Emma Connolly
President at Swiss Netball, Geneva
Photo of David Crouzet


My favorite feature is the ability for members to sign up for events, clinics directly without having to email back and forth. It saves me a lot of time with communications. We are saving time with communications (fewer emails), and it is easy to target a specific group of members.


David Crouzet
Director of Tennis at Belvedere Tennis Club
Photo of Alan Rakov


The power of Eventene is in its native ability to manage your lists of staff/attendees separately from your lists of activities and locations. It enables you to do work non-linearly and work on the aspects of your event for which you have information rather than waiting to work until you get the information you need. Ultimately it changes the way you think about creating and managing events of all sizes.


Alan Rakov
CEO at FanDragon & Co-Founder LiveFrom
Screenshot from Eventene Event Assignments Page

Arrange Carpools

Create custom Sections, such as carpools, lodging rooms, teams, or any other arbitrary groups specific for your Event.

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Ask your guests specific questions, such as dietary restrictions, room requests, and activity preferences to aid in arranging them into groups and places.
Pencil Icon
Intuitive tools to arrange your guests into custom sections, groups, and places. Eventene supports drag/drop and multi-select assigning.
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When assignments are ready, send your guest their specific assignments, which they can view in a browser or in the Eventene Mobile App.

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