Organize all your Events with a single solution

Eventene is a modern cloud / mobile system that replaces multiple tools for planning Events and activity Sign Ups. Plan simple or complex Events, whether virtual or in-person, public or private, paid or free.

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Stay Organized

Manage all your organization's Events and recurring Activities within a single system. Eventene combines Event promotion, registration, surveys, payments, agendas, communications, team assignments, seating charts, attendance, and more.

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Focus on Events

Eventene was designed first and foremost as an Event Management tool, providing you with the most modern and streamlined planning software available. Ditch the endless spreadsheets and emails and learn how an all-in-one specialized Event Management System can simplify your operations.

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Event Mobile App

Every Event can benefit from our free event Mobile App.  Participants can view and register for their upcoming Events. Organizers can view the entire Event agenda and attending lists, as well as check people in and handle walk-ons.

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Manage Every Phase of your Event

Eventene provides an all-in-one system to manage your Events and save you time and energy over working with spreadsheets and email. With Eventene, you can manage simple or complex events that integrate promotion, registration, surveys, ticketing, donations, seating charts, room assignments, and reporting.
Setup / Promotion

Create simple or complex Events with activities spanning multiple days and timezones. Promote your Events by sharing the Event websites on social media, websites, and other marketing channels.

Registration/ Sign Ups

Build online registration forms with integrated surveys, ticketing, and donations. Track email open rates and send reminders. Generate reports and easily export data for further analysis.

Planning / Logistics

Once event registration is underway, track attendance, survey responses, payment status. Also arrange seating charts, groups and teams, and send targeted messages to your Attendees.


Arrange your attendees into arbitrary groups and teams using Eventene's built-in assignment tools. Arrange guests into tables, teams, sections, breakout rooms, and transportation and lodging.


Create detailed reports for attendance, survey responses, payment status, and other event dimensions. Add custom fields such as Type, Age, Level, and Member numbers. Exporting is easy.

Day of Event

On the day of the Event, the Eventene Mobile App provides every Participant with access to the Event's agenda and details. Organizers can use it to take attendance, view Attendee contact info, and send updates.

Trusted by Leading Organizations

"The Riviera Tennis Club hosts over 60 events each month, and Eventene has proved invaluable at promoting our events, tracking sign-ups, and managing waitlists. Our members can sign-up conveniently from their desktop or mobile devices from anywhere. As the organizer, Eventene saves me 20+ hours a month compared to our previous system and is now an integral part of our operations."

Mary Pat Faley
Director of Tennis at The Riviera Tennis Club

"We used Eventene to organize our annual faculty and staff dinner and were thrilled with how easy it was to manage RSVPs and scheduling. Eventene saved us a lot of time and energy!"

Judith Joy
Executive Assistant at The Archer School for Girls

"UCI hosts hundreds of events per year, and we are always looking for more efficient ways to streamline the planning. We use Eventene to organize our board meetings, and it’s been a major time-saver."

Kristin Huerth
Associate Director at UC Irvine

"The Council is using Eventene for all our Special events, Board meetings and all Council gatherings. Easy to use and friendly to both the volunteers and the staff. Our units use Eventene to help organize their Pack and Troop activities. Parents find it extremely helpful."

Matthew Thornton
Scout Executive at Boy Scouts of America
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