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Introducing Eventene

Eventene is event planning made simple. By eliminating the need for multiple organizational applications, Eventene allows organizers to build complex events efficiently.

Watch our two minute introductory video to get a quick overview of our products and service.

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Organize Faster

If you’ve ever organized an event, you’re familiar with how time intensive the process can be. Organizers typically use a lengthy and convoluted workflow. They utilize spreadsheets to create lists, send numerous emails back and forth to attendees, and then spend hours compiling the responses. After all of this, the organizer can finally share the results back out to their participants.

Eventene offers a faster and easier approach to organizing events that eliminates the stress of this complex process and let’s you return to enjoying events.

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Work Efficiently

Eventene simplifies and expedites the event organization process, so you can work more efficiently.

The Eventene web app allows you to avoid using numerous, disconnected tools and focus on planning the crucial details of your event. Here are the steps:

  • Build Lists
    Create lists of people and places or import existing lists using Eventene's powerful list management tools
  • Build Events
    Construct complex events with multiple event parts, participants, locations, activities, and times
  • Send Questions and Track Responses
    Send questions to participants and automatically summarize their responses
  • Arrange Attendees
    Manually or automatically assign participants to locations, roles, and activities
  • Share Results
    Once your event planning is complete, share the event details with attendees by email or via the mobile app


Events are complex and dynamic. However, making the planning process more efficient shouldn’t mean that you have to sacrifice this complexity. Eventene saves you time by by combining three essential planning steps—creating invitation lists, collecting attendance responses, and assigning event responsibilities—into a single efficient workflow. This allows you to spend more time focused on crafting successful events.

Use Eventene to build and maintain lists of participants, automatically email them questions and compile the results, and then automatically arrange participants into locations and activities for the event.

Use Eventene to plan your group's next field trip, monthly campout, transportation logistics, or dining table assignments. Eventene makes it easy to repeat regularly occurring Events, too. These are just a few examples how Eventene will help you work faster and more efficiently.

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