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California Chiropractic Association ("CalChiro"), is a non-profit organization that helps position Doctor of Chiropractic professionals to improve the quality of life of all Californians. They organize 3 to 4 statewide conferences each year, ranging from 120 to 250 attendees, along with other courses, webinars, training sessions, and district events throughout the year.

CalChiro was looking for an event app to complement their internal registration system. They had tried different event apps in the past, but they were looking for a more affordable solution that could provide their attendees with easy access to the event information, session info, speakers bios, sponsor links, as well as engage with other attendees.

Equally important, they needed a reliable solution to check attendees in and out of specific sessions to track their attendance time for tracking continuing education (CE) credits.


Eventene met their needs and provided CalChiro with a full-featured event mobile app at an affordable price point. They were comfortable using their own internal website to handle registration and payments for the symposium. A week prior to the event, they configured their conference in Eventene, uploaded the attendee names, and completed the setup by uploading the agenda, speaker bios, session details, sponsor logos, and resort information. All of that information was then easily accessible in the mobile app by all the attendees.

Event Website

Eventene created their event website automatically, which provided the attendees with the information they needed about the event, including the daily agenda, speaker bios, sponsors, location, maps, parking info, dining options, attendee discounts, and tips for using the mobile app.

Event website for the Winter Seminar
Event Mobile App

CalChiro notified all the confirmed attendees to download the Eventene mobile app prior to the conference to have all the event's info on the mobile device. The main Details page in the app showed each attendee their own personalized itinerary, with the agenda, session briefs, speaker bios, lists of sponsors, and hotel and dining options just a click away. Additionally, the attendees were able to view the list of attendee names, then click on them to view their public profile details, including email and mobile phone. Attendees had the option to hide their profile from public view, if they preferred, but most kept the public to foster a stronger community network.

The following screenshots show the Eventene mobile app in action for this conference.

Live agenda feed for the Winter Seminar
Detailed session information

Detailed agenda pages
Name Badges with QR Codes

CalChiro pre-printed name badges for all the attendees and event staff, including their name, company, and single QR code for the entire event. The event staff were then able to quickly scan attendees in and out of the sessions.

Check Ins and Check Outs

The event staff used the Eventene mobile app to check in guests as they arrived at a session, and later to check them out as they departed. Guests already checked-in shows the "Checked In" label next to their names in the attendee directory for each session, as shown in the following screenshot.

Attending directory with Checked In/Out label status

At the door of each session, \event staff used the app to scan their QR code, or if they did not have a QR code, check them in by name instead. 

Scanning in guests using the Eventene mobile app and the attendee QR codes

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