Subprocessors for Eventene, Inc.

Effective Date: Sep 20, 2022

Eventene uses a range of third-party service providers to assist with its data processing activities. When we work in our capacity as a data processor with these service providers, the service provider is a Subprocessor of Eventene.

This page lists each Subprocessor, the services they provide to us, and their location. Before engaging with a Subprocessor, Eventene performs extensive due diligence, which includes security and legal analysis. Each Subprocessor is subject to contract terms that enforce compliance with applicable data protection laws.

Eventene currently uses the following Subprocessors:

  • Amazon Web Services - Cloud service provider, United States
  • Stripe - Payment processing, United States
  • SendGrid - Messaging services, United States
  • - Chat messaging services, United States
  • Imagekit - Image optimization services, United States
  • Notifee - Push notification services, United Kingdom
  • Vercel - Hosting and content delivery network (CDN), United States
  • MapsPeople - Indoor mapping services, United States
  • Froala - Rich-text editing services, United States
  • DataTables - Database rendering services, United Kingdom
  • Google - Analytics services, United States
  • Freshdesk - Customer Support Services, United States

We may update this list from time to time as our business needs change from time to time. We will periodically update this page to reflect additions and removals to our list of Subprocessors.