Corporate Events

Manage registration and logistics for your internal Meetings, Training Sessions, Off-sites, Retreats, Holiday Parties, and Customer-facing Events like Product Launches and Conventions.
Event Types
Offsites, Retreats, and Meetings

Organize single or multi-day sales meetings, retreats and off-sites with Eventene. Enter the agenda details and invite specific subgroups to different activities. Attendees see only the portion of the agenda they are invited to. Planning optional activities that require separate sign ups and possible payments? Easy.

For events involving dining, lodging, and transportation logistics, take advantage of Eventene’s assignment capabilities to arrange attendees into teams, seating charts, room assignments, break-out sessions, or any other custom group.

Training Session
Training Sessions

Organizing regular and recurring Training Sessions becomes much easier using Eventene to manage the registrations, payments, and communications. Conduct private internal training or public customer-facing ones.

Eventene provides secure access to Training Materials, individualized for each participant, and keeps all trainees on track during the session.

Holiday Party
Holiday Parties

Organize your Company's annual Holiday Parties and other internal Events with the same Event Management solution you use for Sales, Training, Off-sites and Retreats. With Eventene, your staff will no longer have to rely on email and spreadsheets for planning the company's social events.

Registering for Events is easy and takes only minutes from any web browser or the free Eventene Mobile App. During registration, you can ask any custom questions you like, such as guest names, arrival times, and meal preferences.


Organize annual Conferences with hundreds of attendees. Eventene can handle the most complex of agendas, including multiple days, timezones and multiple tracks and sessions. All the participants receive their own personalized agenda and can use the Eventene Mobile App to access all the details.

Eventene provides a higher value event planning solution for associations and corporations around the world.


Organize Tradeshows for thousands of attendees. Eventene can handle the most complex agendas, including multiple days, timezones and different subgroups of attendees for specific activities. All the participants receive their own personalized agenda and can use the Eventene Mobile App to access all the details.

Eventene provides more advanced planning tools at lower price points than other all-in-one Event Management solutions.

Manage each Phase of your Events

Every Event involves the following phases and Eventene moves you seamlessly between them using a single database to keep everything in sync.


Create Your Event

Create and manage all your company Events throughout the year. Eventene is ideal for managing internal training classes, courses, offsites, retreats, sales meetings, and many more.

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Create and Organize
Organize your Events by date, status, size or category. View Attending numbers at a glance. Use any previous Event as a template for your next one.
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Register and Track
Send out Event invites and automatically track your responses. Monitor your latest attendance figures and summarized or individual survey responses.
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Run your Event
After careful planning, run your in-person, virtual, or hybrid Event with confidence and deliver a supreme experience for all your guests and participants.

Manage Invitees

Eventene includes a full Contact Management system. Import your company staff and employees in a main Group, then segment it in dozens of Subgroups using rule sets that update your lists automatically. Use your pre-defined groups over and over between Events to save you time when repeating them.

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Custom Fields and Data Schemas
Build your own data schema by adding custom Fields and Field Sets to your main Group. Eventene supports 12 data types to meet all your needs.
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List Segmentation
Created subset groups from your main group using smart rules that update the subgroups automatically as your data changes. Use Subgroups to separate guests or employees by division or role, for example.
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Easily Import / Export your Data
Eventene provides easy tools to import data from multiple sources, either as new records or modifying existing ones. Exporting data and backing up your data is just as easy.


Eventene features customizable registration workflows with integrated survey questions that you need to ask attendees. No need to use external Survey solutions and have to deal with data transfers and duplicate survey submissions.

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Advanced Sign Ups
Besides attending the overall Event, ask you attendees if they want to sign up for optional Activities, which could carry specific ticketing fees.
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Survey Questions
Eventene provides 12 different question types, including text, comment, number, Yes/No, Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Rank Choice, Phone, Email, Address, and Date/Time.
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Skip Logic
Eventene shows each Guest only the Survey Questions that correspond with their selected Activity choices and attending status. The rest are skipped automatically.

Track Responses

View attendance status, waitlists, payment status, and email open rates. Easily send reminders to undecided or unpaid guests. Send important event updates or other details to all or any subset of guests at any time.

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Track Attendance
View attendance and payment status for every activity in the Event, along with waitlists, email open rates and response times.
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Track Survey Responses
View Survey responses in summary form or create detailed reports as needed. Guests can request entrée choices, seating preferences, and send you detailed questions and comments.
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View summarized and detailed reports for every Activity within your Event. Add named Filter Sets and Column Sets to further customize your reports on the more detailed Individual table views. Easily export your report data for further analysis.
Screenshot from Eventene Event Assignments Page

Seating Charts

Create custom Sections, such as seating charts, teams, breakout rooms, discussion groups, or any other arbitrary groups specific for your Event.

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Ask your guests specific questions, such as dietary restrictions, room requests, and activity preferences to aid in arranging them into groups and places.
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Intuitive tools to arrange your guests into custom sections, groups, and places. Eventene supports drag/drop and multi-select assigning.
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When assignments are ready, send your guest their specific assignments, which they can view in a browser or in the Eventene Mobile App.

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"The power of Eventene is in its native ability to manage your lists of staff/attendees separately from your lists of activities and locations. It enables you to do work non-linearly and work on the aspects of your event for which you have information rather than waiting to work until you get the information you need. Ultimately it changes the way you think about creating and managing events of all sizes."

Alan Rakov
CEO at FanDragon & Co-Founder LiveFrom

"We used Eventene to organize our annual faculty and staff dinner and were thrilled with how easy it was to manage RSVPs and scheduling. Eventene saved us a lot of time and energy!"

Judith Joy
Executive Assistant at The Archer School for Girls

"UCI hosts hundreds of events per year, and we are always looking for more efficient ways to streamline the planning. We use Eventene to organize our board meetings, and it’s been a major time-saver."

Kristin Huerth
Associate Director at UC Irvine

"Eventene organizes all of our event variables (event planning, information distribution, event attendance, and payments) into one app, and the mobile app gives access to it all during our events. When I get the inevitable question about event details, I first ask, "Did you check Eventene? It's all there in the app."

William Corneli
Senior Project Manager

"The Council is using Eventene for all our Special events, Board meetings and all Council gatherings. Easy to use and friendly to both the volunteers and the staff. Our units use Eventene to help organize their Pack and Troop activities. Parents find it extremely helpful."

Matthew Thornton
Scout Executive at Boy Scouts of America

"I love how Eventene handles the entire process for managing events. Overall Eventene helps me with the planning, logistics, and execution of all my events. I collect payments and save money by getting rid of a bunch of different tools for events. Eventene brings it all into one system."

Judy Jameson
Realtor at Dunning Group & Associates

"Eventene has so much to offer. The user interface is easy to navigate and there are so many layers of options that it can handle any event from start to finish. I needed event software that could handle the invitation, data collection, all communications, RSVP's, table assignments, and post event wrap up. Eventene was able to do all that and more. Eventene made me look good to the client and handled all my requirements."

Elizabeth Warner
Event Coordinator at BBDR Pacific
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