5 Tips for Planning a Better Corporate Event

Planning a Small, medium, or Large Scale corporate event can be extremely daunting. With activities, food and drinks, speakers, and transportation to arrange, the corporate event planning process can prove difficult for every event planner. Remembering these 5 Tips will set you off towards planning a stronger and more organized corporate event.

1. Refine Your Guest List

Make a decision on who your intended target audience is. What is the purpose of your event? Your guest list is the centerpiece to any successful event. In order to accomplish your goals, narrow down and refine your guest list to make sure it represents the purpose of your event. Don’t be tempted to over invite (or under invite), as it can easily take away from your goals.

2. Keep Guests Well Informed

Keeping guests updated and well informed is a key factor in making sure an event runs smoothly and your attendees stay happy.  Using Eventene’s Send feature allows for updates and messages to be sent to guests any time before, during, and after the event.

3. Gather Post Event Information

One of the most crucial steps of the event planning process is gathering feedback and information after an event has concluded. Your past attendees and what they have to say are the keys to making improvements to your events and planning process for future occasions. This can be done using Eventene’s Send feature as well. After the event has concluded, select “questions” as your message type and add survey questions that will allow guests to provide feedback. Creating a new activity (for example, “Feedback Information”) will allow you to create new questions and polls. These feedback forms can be sent to all your guests at once, or in specific smaller groups.

4. Prepare for any Individual Guest Restrictions

Preparing for any allergies or dietary restrictions at an event where food is served is a crucial and mandatory step in any event planning process. Using Eventene’s Questions feature we can attach questions and surveys to a given activity. Adding questions regarding diet restrictions to any activities where food is involved will allow your guests to answer any dietary questions before attending the event.

5. Arrange for Transport if Necessary

Depending on the circumstances and location  of your event, transportation for your attendees may become both necessary and helpful for your guests. Both transport buses or standard carpools are both possible options when considering transportation. Eventene’s Assign feature can be used to set guests into carpools or transportation groups.

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