High School Ski Trip


Every year, The Archer Dads group of The Archer School for Girls (in western Los Angeles, California) organizes a Father-Daughter Ski trip to Mammoth Mountain. With over 150 attending Fathers and Daughters, the event is complex and requires many organizers to manage the details.


For 3 years in row, Archer Dads has relied on Eventene for several key organizational areas that has saved the organizers many hours of time and effort. First, the organizers used Eventene's Check In feature to take roll call at the start of the bus trip and right after a dinner stop in transit to Mammoth Mountain. In the past, the organizers had printed out a list of attendees names on paper and used a clipboard to manually check off names. This was also slightly problematic when 2 or 3 busses were required, since the attendee list was not easily split between the organizers taking roll call on each bus.

Eventene provided a clean solution for taking roll at various stages throughout the weekend. Since the app knows exactly who is attending, it can present a fresh copy of the list for any activity during the trip, allowing the organizers to simply go down the list and press the "Check In" button. Multiple organizers can take roll with the same list at the same time on different busses and vehicles, and they can then sync up with each other instantly to ensure every passenger is accounted for.

The Eventene Mobile App also provided the daily schedules, locations, detailed trip information for ski rentals and other activities, and a full attendee directory with contact information.


The Parents and Daughters with mobile phones relied on the Eventene Mobile App for contacting the trip organizers and other participants. The Mobile App also provided every participant with the daily schedule, including where the groups were meeting, breakfast and restaurant locations, and vital information on the optional activities, including as inner-tubing and snow mobiling.

Several years ago on one of the trips, Mammoth Mountain experienced a strong earthquake that triggered several avalanches. To deal with this unexpected emergency, the trip organizers needed a reliable method to ask all the trip attendees to check in and report their status. They relied on Eventene to quickly send out several questions and then track all the responses in real-time from their mobile app.

Mammoth Mountain Ski Area
Archer Dads & Daughters Ski Trip
Judith Joy, Archer School
"We used Eventene to organize our annual faculty and staff dinner and were thrilled with how easy it was to manage RSVPs and scheduling. Eventene saved us a lot of time and energy!"

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