How to Arrange Tables and Seating for an Event

Whether it be for a wedding, a birthday, or a corporate gathering, arranging and organizing seating and table arrangements is a key step to keep any event running smoothly. The Following will guide will help you develop a stress-free and impeccable organized seating arrangement method.

Understand Your Venue

The first step to a successful plan is understanding your venue space and the seating possibilities within it. The number of tables and spots per table are the primary pieces of information necessary to start organizing. Next steps include finding the shape (circular, square, rectangular ) of your table and its size. If you are unsure of the seating circumstances for your event, ask the venue manager for details

Map Your Seating with Eventene’s Sections Tool

Once recorded, this data can be inputted into Eventen’s Sections Tool to create customizable assignment maps that will allow you to place guests into your specific spots. In this case, tables.

First, we can create a New Section and input the data for out seating and table information

Then, finding the Layout Tab will allow us to customize the fields for data entry. In the images below, you can  see that both “shape” and “table size” have been added to add further detail to our spots.

Assign Guests to Places with Eventene’s Assign Feature

The next step is to assign our guests to the sections we have created. Navigating to the Assing menu on an eventene event will allow us to drag and place our guests into the sections and seating arrangements we have created.

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