How To: Plan Boy and Girl Scout Trips

A well planned scouting trip can be an incredibly rewarding experience for everyone involved. Whether you’re heading off to the nearest campsite or venturing deep into the woods, the following tips and tricks will guarantee a well-organized and stress-free trip.

Choose and Research a Location

The first step for efficiently and intelligently planning a scouting trip is doing research on your destination. Being knowledgeable about the campsite and possible activity locations is key to keeping a retreat safe and hassle-free.

Determine Needs Based off of Size

Your organizational needs will vary greatly depending on the size of your trip; both in terms of participants and duration. In order to prevent both under and over planning, understanding your needs is very important. For a larger group or a longer trip, it is recommended that you have a more detailed itinerary that describes any location changes or important details. For smaller trips, simply mapping out sleeping arrangements and activities may be sufficient.

Prepare for Food and Shelter Needs

On more complex camping trips, being able to accommodate dietary restrictions and other individual needs is key. Before your trip, make sure to seek out all the information you need that will allow for proper food and sleeping preparations. Information about allergies and other dietary limitations can be gathered using a feature like Eventene’s Send tool, which allows for questions to be sent out to your guest list. Make sure to ask questions that will provide you with all the details you need. It is better to be over-prepared than under-prepared!

Plan Carpools With Eventene’s Assign Tool

If you are making any sort of substantial journey for your trip, setting up carpools for your scouts and parents is crucial. Planning carpool arrangements, pickup locations, and coordinating drivers can be a huge hassle. Properly planning for carpools will make both parents and scout’s experiences much more enjoyable. Using a feature like the Assign tool on Eventene can allow you to sort scouts and parents into different groups (in this case cars). Information like timing and pickup location can also be detailed using this tool.

Program Activities with Eventene’s Activities Tool

Any parent knows that an unplanned and unorganized group activity is rarely a successful one. The Activities tool on Eventene allows the organizers to detail important information about the activities that may take place on a scouting trip. Details such as starting and ending time and which scouts are attending each activity are all available to program. Other information like informing scouts what to bring to each activity and asking survey questions about certain preferences can also help your activities run smoothly and be stress-free.

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