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Los Angeles Tennis Centers runs one of the busiest tennis operations in the United States. With three separate locations on the west side of LA (Palisades, Westwood, Cheviot Hills), the company hosts over 225 tennis classes per week with over 1,000 active players. The company had been using another class registration system but switched to Eventene to address three fundamental issues.

First, their previous system created an unsustainable bottle-neck with requiring players to call or visit the Pro Shop in order to reserve and pay for classes. Staff members would need to process each class reservation and payment manually. In quieter moments, this approach worked OK, but their staff would quickly became overwhelmed on sign up days, where the phone and foot traffic were crushing. Eventene solves this bottleneck issue by distributing the sign up and payment process out to each player, a solution that scales well to hundreds of players signing up at the same time. Eventene handles the heavy load of sign ups and the Staff has more time now to devote to tennis related activities.

The second issue was around creating restrictions around which players could sign up for specific classes. Their previous system presented over a hundred classes, most of which did not apply to the player. LA Tennis Centers was unable to restrict class sign ups by the player ability levels, which caused frustration among players of high levels, since mixing ability levels within the same class creates resentment. The players expect to play with others of similar ability levels to keep the classes fun and challenging. One of Eventene's greatest strengths is the ability to create Subgroups of participants from the overall organization roster. LA Tennis Centers was able to match Subgroups created around player levels (e.g. NTRP 3.5 to 4.0) to specific classes each week, resulting in automatic filtering of the appropriate classes for the appropriate ability levels.

Lastly, the company was looking for a more flexible and customizable system that could more easily handle their unique requirements, such as private groups, weekly changes in class line ups, instructor assignments, and built-in email communications for messaging players when new classes are available for sign ups or when a class needs to be cancelled. Eventene provided the right level of customization with very little technical knowledge required.

Even though their previous booking system was a more mature platform and contained more features in certain areas, Eventene's natural abilities to solve the core issues most important to them proved to be an excellent match up.

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