Maintaining a Single Roster w/ Eventene

Organizations that host many events during the year can benefit by maintaining a single Roster group of participants, to avoid duplicating data and having to update multiple lists when a person changes their email address, say.

Eventene supports list segmentation using smart rule-based filters. A highly effective strategy is for organizations to maintain a single Roster as a Main Group, which contains all the participants of an organization across all of their Events.

The organizers can then create Subgroups from the single Roster, allowing them to invite subsets of People to various events or activities within single Events. Subgroups are dependent on Main Groups and defined by sets of Rules, e.g. Type = Member. When someone changes their email address, the organizer only has to change it in one place, the Main Group (Roster) for all the changes to appear across all the dependent Subgroups. That’s a huge time saver!

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