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The Riviera Tennis Club is one of the oldest and largest tennis clubs in the Western United States. The Club hosts over 60 tennis clinics and special events per month and they needed a solution to streamline their sign ups for their members and guests.

Live Ball ("RivBall") clinic at Riviera

Mary Pat Faley, the Director of Tennis at Riviera, had previously used another online sign-up app, but it suffered from several key limitations, all addressed with their switch to Eventene.

First, the software could not handle waitlists properly. For the more popular tennis clinics, members would fill up the 16 spots within 5 minutes. The previous system maintained a waitlist, but did not prevent members from jumping the line if one of the original spots opened up during the week. This lack of automatic waitlist movement became an endless source of frustration among the members and staff. The members also hated seeing advertisements on their mobile app from the previous system.

Second, was a lack of proper reporting. Each time a member signed up for an activity, the Club needed to charge that member. The previous software was unable to tie the member's ID with their sign up, causing the Club staff to look up every member's ID manually, adding hours of wasted time.

Third, their previous system could not handle walk on players or enforce registration cut-off times for each Class.


Dedicated Event Website for easy Sign Ups
User Friendly Mobile App for everyone

All the Staff and Members at Riviera Tennis Club can use the Eventene Mobile App to view the upcoming Clinics and sign up for the ones they want to attend.


We presented Eventene as a replacement event management system after demonstrating that Eventene could solve all of their primary complaints with the previous system. Eventene's waitlist system provides a more sophisticated process for moving members from waitlisted to active status and not allowing any jumping of the waitlist. The organizers can also elect to manage the waitlist automatically or manually.

Mobile App Sign Up Form with Waitlists

Eventene's reporting capabilities proved superior as well, with the Club able to associate multiple custom fields to each Member's record. Now, member IDs  and other useful custom fields are included automatically when running weekly reports.

Eventene allows the Staff to set specific response times around each class, clinic, and special event. For example, they can publish an Event but not accept registrations before a specified date and time. Likewise, they can specify a cut-off to close registrations after a certain date and time--on every Class, not just the entire event.

Court Assignments for each Tennis Clinic

Riviera also now relies heavily on Eventene's ability to assign players to specific Courts for each Class. The Club was able to configure a custom Section in Eventene, consisting of all 24 Courts in the Club. With each event, the staff is able to select which Courts are in use and then assign individual players to specific courts for their clinics and special events. The Club members are then able to see their personal court assignments in the Eventene mobile app. It's a very popular feature among the players as it creates more social opportunities.

Court Assignments in the Mobile App

The Club's members and guests also appreciate using the native Eventene Mobile App to discover new Club events and classes and sign up for them directly in the app. If the Club's events are public or require additional payments, Eventene can also collect payments using Stripe.


Riviera Tennis has been using Eventene since 2018, saving the staff hundreds of hours in event management time. The member / players are also very happy with the system, as they are able to view all the upcoming Club events in a single location and easily sign up for them when they become available. They can also easily reference which court they are assigned to and see which other members will be playing with them.

Following is a quote from Mary Pat Faley, Director of Tennis at The Riviera Country Club:

"The Riviera Tennis Club hosts over 60 events each month, and Eventene has proved invaluable at promoting our events, tracking sign-ups, and managing waitlists. Our members can sign-up conveniently from their desktop or mobile devices from anywhere. As the organizer, Eventene saves me 20+ hours a month compared to our previous system and is now an integral part of our operations."

Mary Pat Faley,
Director of Tennis, Riviera Tennis Club

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