Wedding planners can realize significant savings of time and energy by using Eventene to manage invitations, RSVPs, schedule, seating charts, rehearsal dinner, and the wedding day and reception details.

Online Invitations & RSVPs

Eventene excels at online invitations, tracking RSVPs and sending reminders to the unresponsive guests. Invitations sent by email can be formatted to match the layout and typesetting of paper based invitations. At the bottom of the email, guests can click on a button to launch their online registration form, which can feature photos of the couple and personal questions such as meal choice, seating preferences, allergies, and comments to the Bride & Groom. If traditional paper invitations are preferred, the attending guests can be entered into Eventene, which can then be used to manage the remaining logistic and planning work.

Wedding Information

All the details for the wedding, including links to registries, dress recommendations, travel and lodging information, detailed maps, and other useful tips for the guests can all be included in the Details section of the Event.

Rehearsal Dinners

Most rehearsal dinners include immediate family and members of the wedding party. Creating a sub-list of invitees for the rehearsal dinner only is easy in Eventene. Invite family to your rehearsal dinner in Eventene, then track their responses separately from the main wedding ceremony and reception.

Multi-Day Weddings

If the wedding spans multiple days, no problem. Add as many wedding activities as you wish, and invite any subgroup of guests to each one. If the activities are optional, you can ask their guests if they would like to attend, then ask them questions only if they choose to attend.

Larger Weddings

Once a wedding guest list exceeds 200 people, it's time to leverage Eventene to help manage the details and relieve stress on the organizers.

Seating Charts

Once all the attendees are established, use Eventene to arrange the guests into specific tables, then send out table assignments to all the guests. If you prefer to let the guests know their table assignment upon checking in, you can do that too, by printing out the table assignments from Eventene.

Wedding Day

On the day of the wedding, it's time to relax and enjoy the fruits of all the planning and scheduling. Guests can reference driving directions to the wedding ceremony and reception, as well as detailed schedule information and table assignments.

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