What kinds of events can event apps plan?

With so many options for event apps in the market, it’s easy for option paralysis to set in. You might wonder if any of the available solutions will work for your particular needs. After looking at a huge number of event apps, here are the best examples of events that can benefit from using specialized tech. It’s by no means exhaustive, but should help you get the ball rolling:

1. Corporate events

Perhaps the earliest adopters of event tech, corporations (like concert hosts) depend on successful events to increase revenue and drive brand awareness. Event tech is great not only because it helps ensure that all the event details are thought through and organized, it also provides additional opportunities to display one’s brand. Using specialized software can give attendees a unique, bespoke experience.

2. Not-for-profit events

Non-profits have a serious need for event tech since hosting successful events can often have profound real-world consequences. When it comes to these kinds of serious, impactful scenarios, event apps ensure that no detail is overlooked. Furthermore, they can assist with fundraising, expanding membership, increasing awareness, and soliciting donors. Plus, people want to donate to organizations that seem responsible and organized and event tech ensures just this.

3. Social Parties

You might think your small party with just a dozen or so friends wouldn’t need a specialized solution. But again, event apps can really improve the experience for you and your guests. For one thing, it makes figuring out attendance much easier than texting or emailing. Also, if you’re all splitting the cost of food and supplies, apps make it easy to collect money for all the participants in a fair and impersonal manner.

4. Concerts

Event tech is especially useful when you’re depending on a organized experience to drive sales and revenue. Whether you're hosting or participating in a concert, the ticketing and RSVP features of modern event apps will make it easy to anticipate attendance and adapt the experience. No one likes to carry physical tickets and hosts would certainly like to increase attendance so they make more money. Event apps are really great at all of this.

5. Youth Organization Activities

Besides being complex, youth group activities like field trips and sports games often come with a heightened need for security and organization. It’s fine to “wing it” with your friends for a party, but when the safety of kids depends on getting them to the right place at the right time, it makes sense to use technology to keep all the details and locations straight.

6.  Weddings

This is an obvious choice for specialized event software. Modern weddings are complex, multi-day affairs with a huge number of moving parts. Managing this complexity is exactly what apps are great at. From tracking RSVPs, to displaying details, sending reminders, managing registries, and mailing invitations, event apps take much of the logistical burden off of often-overwhelmed couples / planners.

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