What makes Eventene different?

We’ve written many articles covering a wide range of topics in the event planning and event technology spaces. We’ve tried to identify key trends, give advice, and weigh in on the state of the industry as a whole. But now it’s time to talk about Eventene.

Using our experience building, testing, and refining Eventene allows us to speak to the needs and trajectory of the event planning industry. But it’s time that we demonstrate that we are using this knowledge and expertise not just to expound on the industry, but to enhance and move the event tech space forward as a whole. So what makes Eventene different? Following are a few key differentiators.

1. Eventene provides all the event planning tools at an affordable price

First and foremost, Eventene consolidates all the essential event planning tools: websites, registrations, surveys, invitations, payments, logistics, reporting, etc. into a single application. It’s often said that the event tech market is highly fragmented. This is true. But it also doesn’t capture the fact that seemingly every application is solving a different aspect of the event planning process rather than the whole. Eventene combines these functions into a simple all-in-one solution.

Secondly, Eventene is a fraction of the cost of Cvent and  other high end event management systems. Non-profit associations, organizations, and mid-level corporations especially appreciate the blend of Eventene's powerful features for a flat and cost-effective pricing. Whereas other platforms charge per event and per registration, Eventene provides unlimited events and unlimited registrations throughout the year at a flat subscription rate.

2. Eventene targets the underserved mid-market

There have been far too few accessible solutions for small to medium sized associations, youth groups, and corporations. These underserved organizations are left to cobble together a variety of single purpose apps or pay far too much for solutions that are better tailored for larger companies and corporations.

Eventene distinguishes itself from these niche and expensive solutions by providing a powerful suite of tools that are cost-effective and easily accessible. No massive learning curves or budget-balancing required to find an acceptable event planning app.

The best part is, that empowering these kinds of organizations – youth groups, charities, not-for-profits, religious groups, startups, etc. – provides communal good and allows planners to organize more and better events.

3. Eventene is tackling unsolved problems

The final key differentiator is that Eventene is taking on challenges that have not yet been solved in the event tech space. From attendance-based payments and surveys to advanced attendee list segmentation to guest arrangements and assignments, we are working to not only provide a complete event planning solution but also to expand what event planning apps are capable of.

But this innovation does not take place in a vacuum. We consistently rely on customer feedback to determine where we can improve and what unfulfilled needs the industry has. We urge you to send us feedback at contact@eventene.com with your ideas and suggestions.

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