Why Should You Use an All-In-One Event Planning App?

It’s a constant refrain – you’ve heard it before – there are so many event planning apps! It seems like every week a new app pops up aimed at making sending invitations or collecting payments easier than ever.

In general, most of these apps are really good. This is great for consumers since it’s hard to go wrong with whatever tool you choose. But unfortunately, an impeccably designed tool is useless if it’s difficult to use.

I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of buying some nifty new gadget, whether it’s a new espresso machine or a tablet, and have been utterly incapable of figuring out how to use it. You know there’s a tremendous number of features available, but you can’t access them.

This is, essentially, the case for the all-in-one event planning app. Most event planning apps simply tackle one piece of the puzzle. They help with surveys, RSVPs, tracking, etc. but you’re forced to combine multiple apps and transfer data between systems. The result is that many people fail to take advantage of all the available features due to inability to access them.

With all-in-one event planning apps this major disadvantage is gone. Most all-in-one apps combine all of the necessary tools like: invitations, RSVPs, surveys, tracking, payment collection, and templates into one workflow. So you don’t need to tie multiple data sets and applications together. Just enter your guest list, set up the event, and go.

Not only does this have the advantage of being easier to understand and put into practice, it’s dramatically more efficient and cost-effective. You don’t waste time reconciling databases or transferring information. You don’t need to pay for different plans across a number of apps. It’s just simpler.

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So which all-in-one event planning apps are best?

Well, of course, we highly recommend our own solution Eventene. Eventene makes it easy to get started and it can easily scale as your needs grow. Eventene has all of the aforementioned features (invitations, RSVPs, surveys, tracking, payment collection, and templates) as well as sophisticated assignment tools, powerful group and list management features, and a modern, reactive design for both organizers and participants.

But, beyond Eventene, there are plenty of other good offerings. Cvent has been a major player for years. Though it can be a bit tricky to learn, it’s incredibly powerful. You’ll want to take a look around and see what best fits your needs.

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