Organize All Your Events with One System

Eventene helps you plan, organize, and run all your Events throughout the year on a single platform.

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Organize All Types of Events

Eventene supports many different kinds of Events, so you can use a organize all your Events, whether in-person or virtual.
Sales Meetings

Plan meetings for a small gathering of 20 or a world-wide sales meeting with 1200 attendees.


Organize single or multi-day retreats and easily distribute the details.

Training Sessions

Organizing regular and recurring Training Sessions for internal needs or recurring education.


Plan and manage in-person or virtual conferences around the world.


Organizer small to medium sized tradeshows, both in-person and completely virtual with sponsors and virtual exhibitors.


Promote and organize fundraisers of all sizes to benefit your organization.


Organize reunions for schools and other organizations.


Weddings can become quite complex to plan, but Eventene can help you organize all the details.

Holiday Parties

Organize the annual holiday party and other social Events throughout the year.


Organize and sell tickets to arts performances.

Live Streaming

Sell tickets to live stream events and control access to the video players.


Organize in-person or virtual live streaming concerts.


Manage all the details of large complex campouts in youth organizations.

Tennis Programs

Manage weekly Tennis clinics and classes for Adult and Junior programs.

Field Trips

Organize sign-ups for school field trips.

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Event Management

Event Organization

Eventene is ideal for professional Event Planners organizing small, medium, and large Events, but also for Activity Directors that organize weekly and monthly recurring sign-ups, such as classes, courses, and training sessions throughout the year.

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Create and Manage Events
Organize your Events by date, status, size or category. View Attendance and Revenue figures at a glance. Use any previous Event as a template for your next one.
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Registration and Tracking
Share a link to your Event or send invitations directly from with Eventene's built-in email system. Track attendance and payment status, send reminders, build reports, and arrange attendees into groups.
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Class / Activity Sign-Ups
Organizer frequently recurring events or activities alongside your socials, retreats, fundraisers, and other larger events during the year.

Event Websites

Eventene creates a dedicated Event website (landing page) for every Event. No need to learn a website building tool. Eventene provides professional designed layouts for you.

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Custom Branding
Integrate your brand across every attendee touchpoint in the system.
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Share your Events
Promote your Events by sharing the links to your Event landing pages on your own websites, Facebook, Twitter, and other marketing channels.
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Instant Updates
All content on your Event site stays in sync with any changes made to your underlying Event, so your guests always see the most up-to-date schedules and other event details.

Online Registrations

Design simple or complex online registrations that combine overall attendance, activity or session-level attendance, custom survey questions, and secure payment processing. Family members can also be linked together for more efficient registration. Eventene also supports complex payment models, including selling bundles of products at a discount as credits that never expire.

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Device Independence
Our web registration forms feature modern reactive design and operate smoothly on any mobile device, tablet or desktop. Our native Mobile App supports the same registration capabilities as well.
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Built-in Surveys
Add unlimited custom survey questions within your registrations to aid in planning and group assignments. No need to use a separate survey app and deal with data transfer hassles.
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Beyond Registration
Our registration forms provide additional features for your guests, including full Event details, attendee lists (if public), and their personal assignments for teams, breakout rooms, and seating charts.

Tracking Attendance

View attendance status, waitlists, payment status, and email open and undelivered rates. Easily send reminders to targeted invitees, such as only attending, undecided or unpaid guests. Send important event updates or other details to all or any subset of guests at any time.

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Track Attendance & Payment Status
View attendance and payment status for every activity in the Event, along with waitlists, survey responses, email open rates and response times.
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Track Survey Responses
View Survey responses in summary form or create detailed reports as needed.
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Custom Reporting
Create and share custom report templates for other organizers on the team. If you prefer, you can easily export your reports for further analysis and additional formatting in spreadsheets.
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Seating Charts

Eventene provides a full Assignment feature to arrange your guests into seating charts, teams, breakout rooms, discussion groups, or any other arbitrary groups specific for your Event.

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Survey Questions
Ask your guests specific questions during Registration, such as dietary restrictions and activity preferences to aid in arranging them into groups and places.
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Arranging Participants
Intuitive tools to arrange your guests into custom sections, groups, and places for dinner seating, breakout room, and lodging and transportation options. Assigning is easy with individual drag/drop or multi-selection.
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When assignments are ready, you can send your guest their specific assignments, viewable in any web browser or the Eventene Mobile App.
Virtual Events

Virtual Environments

Virtual Events present new challenges in Event registration and Participant attendance and engagement.

Our virtual event environment provides the most advanced audience engagement platform on the market. You get every feature you will need to set up and host your Event completely online in a rich Virtual environment.

Mobile App

Events in Your Pocket

Attendees see a customized view of the Event with their personalized Schedule. The native Eventene mobile App makes it easy for your participants to RSVP, answer any survey questions, make payments, access reference materials, navigate between venues, contact and engage with the other Attendees, and view their table, room, and other assignments.


"The power of Eventene is in its native ability to manage your lists of staff/attendees separately from your lists of activities and locations. It enables you to do work non-linearly and work on the aspects of your event for which you have information rather than waiting to work until you get the information you need. Ultimately it changes the way you think about creating and managing events of all sizes."

Alan Rakov
CEO at FanDragon & Co-Founder LiveFrom

"We used Eventene to organize our annual faculty and staff dinner and were thrilled with how easy it was to manage RSVPs and scheduling. Eventene saved us a lot of time and energy!"

Judith Joy
Executive Assistant at The Archer School for Girls

"UCI hosts hundreds of events per year, and we are always looking for more efficient ways to streamline the planning. We use Eventene to organize our board meetings, and it’s been a major time-saver."

Kristin Huerth
Associate Director at UC Irvine

"Eventene organizes all of our event variables (event planning, information distribution, event attendance, and payments) into one app, and the mobile app gives access to it all during our events. When I get the inevitable question about event details, I first ask, "Did you check Eventene? It's all there in the app."

William Corneli
Senior Project Manager

"The application knows no limits! Whatever it is that you wish to organise, Eventene is the one for you. We use Eventene to plan and organise events, sports camps, webinars and it is also the portal we use for our annual Membership registration ensuring a streamlined and efficient process."

Emma Connolly
President at Swiss Netball, Geneva

"The Council is using Eventene for all our Special events, Board meetings and all Council gatherings. Easy to use and friendly to both the volunteers and the staff. Our units use Eventene to help organize their Pack and Troop activities. Parents find it extremely helpful."

Matthew Thornton
Scout Executive at Boy Scouts of America

"I love how Eventene handles the entire process for managing events. Overall Eventene helps me with the planning, logistics, and execution of all my events. I collect payments and save money by getting rid of a bunch of different tools for events. Eventene brings it all into one system."

Judy Jameson
Realtor at Dunning Group & Associates

"Eventene has so much to offer. The user interface is easy to navigate and there are so many layers of options that it can handle any event from start to finish. I needed event software that could handle the invitation, data collection, all communications, RSVP's, table assignments, and post event wrap up. Eventene was able to do all that and more. Eventene made me look good to the client and handled all my requirements."

Elizabeth Warner
Event Coordinator at BBDR Pacific

"My favorite feature is the ability for members to sign up for events, clinics directly without having to email back and forth. It saves me a lot of time with communications. We are saving time with communications (fewer emails), and it is easy to target a specific group of members."

David Crouzet
Director of Tennis at Belvedere Tennis Club

"The Riviera Tennis Club hosts over 60 events each month, and Eventene has proved invaluable at promoting our events, tracking sign-ups, and managing waitlists. Our members can sign-up conveniently from their desktop or mobile devices from anywhere. As the organizer, Eventene saves me 20+ hours a month compared to our previous system and is now an integral part of our operations."

Mary Pat Faley
Director of Tennis at Riviera Tennis Club
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